Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. is an Autogenous Veterinary Biologics manufacturing facility licensed with the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Autogenous Biologics include vaccines, bacterins and toxoids. Licensed Veterinarians may use them as a customizable tool to target specific pathogenic organisms. Autogenous Biologics are considered an alternative when licensed commercial products are not available or do not cover the current strains in the herd or flock.

Many pathogenic organisms have multiple serotypes which are often not cross-protective. Problem strains can be isolated from sick animals directly from the farm to meet unique challenges. The attending veterinarian will direct the creation of an Autogenous Veterinary Biologic that can include combinations of organisms and serotypes that have been identified in the herd or flock.

Autogenous biologics, in Canada, are only sold through a licensed veterinarian and their use and manufacturing is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  They can only be used on the site of the origin of the bacterial or viral isolate, unless there is justification due to a shared risk between adjacent or non-adjacent facilities.

We are now in production of autogenous Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) vaccines and successfuly isolating virus during routine diagnostic testing. We have a real-time PCR test that identifies SIV in a sample and can tell us if it is H1 or H3. This isolation and subtyping service is provided at no charge. Call today for details.

Press Release  

IDT Biologika Acquires Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc., An Autogenous Vaccine Manufacturer in Canada


 Cambridge, Ontario, August 25, 2015 - IDT Biologika announces today the acquisition of Gallant Custom Laboratories, based in Ontario, Canada. The transaction is to close August 31, 2015. Gallant Custom Laboratories is the only Canadian company authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to manufacture autogenous viral and bacterial vaccines.


"With its strong scientific focus, in-house research and development and production of autogenous vaccines for the Canadian market, Gallant is an outstanding match for the IDT Group,” says IDT Biologika CEO Dr. Ralf Pfirmann. "With this second acquisition in North America within just a few months, IDT Biologika is highlighting its expanding commitment to meeting the vaccine manufacturing needs in these key international markets.”


Gallant serves customers throughout Canada, particularly to those who provide vaccines to the Canadian livestock and poultry industry. The company relies on modern in-house diagnostic laboratory facilities to identify viral and bacterial diseases in pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and poultry, and to subsequently manufacture and supply the appropriate autogenous vaccines corresponding to specific pathogens out of its Cambridge-based manufacturing facilities in Ontario. Gallant presently employs twelve people, and will continue to do business as "Gallant Customs Laboratories, an IDT Biologika company.” Jackie Gallant, a microbiologist who founded the company 20 years ago, will retain her title as President of Gallant Customs Laboratories and serve in the role of Senior Executive Manager. In addition, she will sit on the IDT Scientific Advisory Board.


"Gallant is an important addition to the IDT Biologika family both for its proprietary research and development in bacterial and viral vaccines,” says Andreas Kastenbauer, Managing Director of IDT Biologika, "and also for its thorough market expertise, customer relations and network within the Canadian livestock industry. Gallant also has important collaborations with renowned academic institutions in the field of animal health vaccines, a key strength that we will continue to expand in the future.”


Jackie Gallant sees many advantages for her company in the new relationship with IDT and integration into its Animal Health division: "As part of IDT, Gallant will now have opportunities to provide new technologies and services to the Canadian animal health market. The current business will continue to thrive and grow with new investment from IDT. I see this as a perfect match of skills and expertise. Although IDT is much larger, it maintains a family-owned business philosophy that fits well into the existing culture at Gallant.”


"Gallant Custom Laboratories will play a key role in our Global Animal Health Strategy, as it provides IDT excellent access to the Canadian and North American veterinary vaccine market. We will invest in the expansion of the Gallant autogenous vaccine business by increasing the laboratories, R&D and manufacturing services offered, and also in the submission and launch of our innovative commercial vaccine range in North America,” adds Kastenbauer.


About IDT Biologika

IDT Biologika is an innovative, privately-held life science company with more than 93 years history and expertise in Research, Development and Manufacturing of biologics for the global protection of human and animal health. Headquartered in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, the company holds an additional animal health vaccine dedicated R&D and Manufacturing location in Greifswald – district Riems. In Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Spain, IDT‘s Animal Health Business Unit operates through its own subsidiaries.

In its recently acquired US manufacturing facility in Rockville, Maryland, IDT Biologika GmbH primarily works on vaccine development for clinical phase 1 and 2 projects and provides early development capabilities for the human vaccine market.

In the 2014 financial year, IDT Biologika GmbH achieved sales of approximately €172 million with its animal health, vaccines, and pharmaceutical business segments and its quality control division, an approximately 14 percent increase in business compared to the previous year. IDT Biologika currently has some 1,500 employees.


IDT Biologika is a company of the Klocke Holding Group. The Klocke Holding Group companies specialize in contract manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and cosmetic products. With more than 2,100 employees at six locations in Europe and the USA, the family-owned Klocke Group offers comprehensive services for production and packaging of pharmaceutical products.



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 Staff Retirement


Long-Time Gallant Employee Tyra Duncan Retiring September 15th 2016

Tyra was initially hired by Gallant 17 years ago for her very strong organizational skills.  At the time, Gallant was undergoing its first expansion and was preparing to move from Guelph, Ontario to larger facilities located in Cambridge, Ontario.  Originally from England, Tyra was experienced in moving households and it was this experience and knowledge that allowed for a very smooth transition from our old lab to the new location.  Hired as casual, part-time, Tyra was quickly moved to permanent status and became a critical member of the Central Services team.

As lead in the Central Services lab, Tyra has been responsible for maintaining a very high standard of quality for her area and in making sure that all areas are supplied with the resources they need in order to succeed.

Tyra’s greatest asset, however, has been as a mentor to all the staff who have had the honour of working with and learning from her.  Her sense of humour combined with her strong communication and interpersonal skills have made her an asset to the function of the lab for the last 17 years.  Her open-mindedness and ability to accept change are traits that she has passed on to all of her co-workers.  Tyra’s philosophy of “Work smarter not harder” has taught all of us to think about process improvement and to ask why something can’t be done in a different way.

We All wish her the very best as she retires and begins her new adventures away from Gallant.


 Tyra Retirment

John Rudy – Retiring from Gallant after 6 Years of Dedicated Service

John was hired at Gallant in September of 2010 to set up and take responsibility for Gallant’s new QC Department.  Within 6 months John’s capable efforts produced a fully operational QC Lab.  John quickly became an active team member and a valuable asset to Gallant's continued success.  His diligent work ensured that high quality autogenous bacterins and vaccines were produced and delivered to Gallant’s many clients across Canada. 

John started his science career in 1973 as a Research Technician in the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo with subsequent employment at McMaster University and Microbix Biosystem Inc.  Gallant has benefited from John’s wealth of scientific knowledge and wish him only the best as he transitions into retirement.  John plans to travel and spend more time with family and friends.

The classical music and singing accompaniment that John enjoyed to share with the rest of the Lab will be missed; by most.  Keep singing John.  Best wishes for a happy retirement!!!

John's Picture