PRRSV Monitoring

After a process of assay optimization, Gallant Custom Labs assessed the sensitivity and specificity of this test using over 100 serum samples. Serum samples were collected and split by attending veterinarians who agreed to participate in our validation. One serum set was submitted to the vets’ current Ontario test provider, where they were tested using nested PCR technology. A duplicate set was sent to Gallant for testing.

Where results were in disagreement, these samples were forwarded to a third independent laboratory for verification using the Tetracore® real - time RT PRRSV assay.

Verification of Discordant DataComparison of Gallant results and the results provided by the veterinarians’ current test provider (Lab 1) showed 94% agreement of the data. The 6% of samples that were in disagreement were forwarded to a third laboratory (Lab 2). Lab 2 confirmed 6 out of 7 of the Gallant results. Consequently, 99% of Gallant’s results were confirmed based on the data from two independent laboratories.