Lab Technician 3


While living in Romania, Diana worked for 16 years at a Clinical Hospital in Arad in a human regulated Clinical Laboratory. She started as a Laboratory Technician and then took a Lab Technologist position after graduating from the College of Medical Technologists in Arad. While working at the Clinical Lab, Diana studied Biology at "Ovidius” – Natural Sciences University in Constanta Romania and graduated with a Bachelors of Science. After graduating, Diana took a Biologist position within the Clinical Hospital and was responsible for the microbiological testing of clinical specimens. Following an internship and completing a qualifying exam, Diana received a Biology Specialist designation from the Ministry of Health and Family and took a Head Biologist position with the Paediatric Department of the same hospital until 2004, leaving Romania to immigrate to Canada.

In Canada Diana worked as a Microbiology Lab Manager for Rapid Laboratory Microsystems for 2 years where she participated in research and development associated with the creation and validation of microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing technologies. In her QC/QA role she was responsible for ensuring all research complied with CLSI Guidelines and was the site Safety Officer.

To acquire experience in the pharmaceutical field Diana volunteered at Bimeda for 6 months in the QC and QA Department and for a further 2 months worked as a Non-sterile Machine Operator.

Before joining Gallant, Diana worked as a Microbiologist at HealthGene Toronto, a Veterinary Lab where she was responsible for setting up the Laboratory, supervised the Bacteriology and Mycology Laboratories of the Microbiology Department with additional worked responsibilities in the DNA testing department as required.

Diana was hired at Gallant as a Lab Technician II and is responsible for the processing of Veterinary samples for bacterial and viral pathogen identification. In her bacteriology work Diana employs classical microbiology, serotyping, biochemical testing and current PCR techniques to identify and virotype microorganisms. In her virology work she performs tissue culture, DNA/RNA extraction and real-time PCR testing for the detection of Swine Influenza virus and PRRS virus.


2008- 2009: Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Studies in Toronto

2001: Specialization in Biology "Victor Babes” Medical Institute Timisoara Romania
(Decision 450/29.06.2001)

1990- 1995: Bachelor of Science Degree In Biology "Ovidius” – Natural Sciences University in Constanta Romania, evaluated by World Education Services (WES Ref # 2042707/nn)