Guy Bio pic 

Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs

Education: Guy received his BSc. in Biology from the University of Waterloo and a BEd. from the University of Western Ontario.

Industry Experience: Guy has 25+ years of industrial experience that started at CIL as a Microbiologist/Biochemist where his work focused on improving fermentation performance of Bacillus thuringiensis through natural genetic selection and protein stabilization research.  At ICI BioProducts, his work focused on the research and development of Streptomyces lividans in batch and continuous fermentation to produce an enzyme used for bio-bleaching wood pulp and up-grading poultry feed.  At AstraZeneca, Guy was an Environmental Microbiologist involved in the research and development of bioremediation technologies.  He introduced and established a molecular lab for the PCR detection and community profiling of soil and wastewater bacteria. Prior to joining Gallant, Guy worked at Maxxam Analytics as a Senior Scientist where he focused on equine, bovine and llama DNA testing and genotyping by STR multiplex PCR reactions.  Research and development of RFLP, PCR and SNP diagnostic assays for the testing of equine and porcine samples was a focus.

His molecular and microbiology background and technical skills in traditional and real-time PCR, protein analysis, biochemical and serology testing are utilized to manage the PCR, Bacteriology and QC Laboratories at Gallant.  Guy's work supports veterinary clients by developing and implementing detection/characterization methods for the microbial pathogens used in making Gallant's targeted autogenous bacterin and vaccine products. CFIA-CCVB regulatory requirements and compliance are maintained through directed research and technical submissions.  His years of work have contributed to papers, posters, presentations and 9 patents.