President, BSc MBA


 Kalena first joined Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. in 2009, where her laboratory management skills were put to the test in supporting autogenous bacterin and vaccine manufacturing, project management and developing site operational requirements, such as the expansion of company policies and procedures.

With a passion for quality and process driven approaches, Kalena takes pride in process improvement initiatives.  During her tenure as General Manager, she was responsible for the development and implementation of an electronic documentation system for the eventual move to paperless company records and for inventory efficiency management.

Kalena now takes on the role of President and brings with her in depth experience as a consultant in large scale initiatives in the areas of human and animal health. 

Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. was first founded in 1994 by Jackie Gallant, and was acquired by IDT in 2015. Kalena now leads growth of Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. under the IDT Biologika umbrella by contributing to the Canadian and global capabilities of the Autogenous Veterinary Biologics division and is dedicated to the expansion of products and services.