What are Autogenous Bacterins?

A veterinary autogenous bacterin is a killed bacterial vaccine created from the disease causing organism(s).

Therefore, they are targeted against the pathogenic strains in the herd and offer a precise alternative totraditional vaccine regimes. Autogenous products must be used under the direction of a licensed veterinarian.

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Why use Autogenous Bacterins?

  1. Commercially licensed products are not available for all disease causing organisms - such asActinobacillus suis.
  2. Licensed commercial products may not include all the disease causing serotypes present on your farm; for example, many pathogenic strains ofEscherichia coli, Streptococcus suis andHaemophilus parasuis are not available in commercial products.
  3. The unique combination of pathogens or serotypes present on the farm can be included in an autogenous bacterin.
  4. Field isolates are constantly changing and mutating. Autogenous isolates represent current infections and pathogens.

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Are Autogenous Bacterins safe to use?

Yes. Production of autogenous products in Canada is regulated by the CFIA, Veterinary Biologics Division. Gallant Custom Laboratories has been inspected and approved by the CFIA and uses approved outlines and testing procedures during bacterin production. We produce only killed autogenous bacterins, which contain no live bacteria. Our products are tested for purity and sterility throughout the manufacturing process to ensure you receive a quality product with no biosecurity issues. The final product is further tested in either a laboratory mouse model or in the target animal at the farm site. As required by the CFIA, we obtain Certificates of Origin for all of the components of animal origin used to produce our bacterins certifying that they are derived from BSE free countries. Autogenous bacterins are not tested for efficacy.

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How long does it take to get an Autogenous bacterin?

We require 4-5 weeks to produce the bacterin after receiving the isolate(s) or completing the diagnostic testing. Subsequent orders can be set-up on a production schedule to reduce any delays for the producer or ordered when needed. In order to assure that the current isolates are used there is a two year limit on the use of an isolate in an autogenous bacterin.

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How are Autogenous Bacterins Priced?

Gallant Custom Laboratories’ autogenous bacterins are sold only to and through licensed veterinarians. The price depends on both the number of doses ordered and the number of antigens included in the bacterin.

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