All SIV autogenous vaccines manufactured at Gallant will be produced using a certified cell line that has been thoroughly tested to make sure that there is no extraneous virus, bacteria, fungi or Mycoplasma.

The manufacturing of a SIV vaccine requires the following steps:

  • Isolation of SIV from the herd
  • Apply for CFIA approval for use of vaccine (this has to be done for just the first order)
  • Decide number of doses
  • Turn-around-time can be 10 to 12 weeks but will depend on the size of the order
  • Release for sale


  • Recommend an oil based adjuvant with a 45 day withdrawal
  • Isolates can be used for 2 years
  • Vaccine lot expiration is one year

Serological Study

For the first serial, Gallant is offering to test serum from vaccinated pigs to determine antibody titres to the virus strains included in the vaccine- at no charge. It is recommended to test animals prior to vaccination and 2 to 3 weeks following final vaccination.  Call for details. 

Please refer to the Fall 2011 newsletter for more information.