Autogenous Bacterins For Cattle

Gallant Custom Labs has experience making autogenous bacterins for cattle. These include bacterins for Escherichia coli scours in calves, Mycoplasma bovis, Salmonella sp, and Clostridium perfringens. These bacterins are considered when fully licensed bacterins are not providing adequate control or are not available. A thorough diagnostic investigation is necessary to isolate the key organism(s).

Escherichia coli

Bacterin Autogenous Escherichia coli bacterins are requested for cases of mastitis and neonatal scours. Serotyping and genotyping of Escherichia coli is helpful in determining potential pathogenicity of isolates.

We also produce Salmonella bacterins for cattle, which may contain one or more species of Salmonella that are impacting the herd.

Gallant Custom Labs produces autogenous Papilloma vaccines for cattle, horses, dogs and exotic species.

To facilitate the bacterin production process, our laboratory is available for diagnostic testing of fecal or milk samples for bacterial pathogens and serotyping of Escherichia coli isolates.

Clostridium perfringens Bacterin

Clostridium perfringens can be problematic in cattle and we are able to prepare an autogenous bacterin with the strains found in the herd. Our lab is skilled at isolating and genotyping Clostridium strains. The bacterin has a 21-day withdrawal period and is administered to the dams prior to calving.

Mycoplasma bovis Bacterin

Gallant Custom Labs is able to produce an autogenous Mycoplasma bovis bacterin for use in calves with arthritis and pneumonia symptoms caused by this organism. This herd specific bacterin is formulated with a saponin adjuvant and has a 21 – day withdrawal period. It is not recommended for use in pregnant animals.

To initiate production of a Mycoplasma bovis bacterin you can forward samples to our lab for isolation and storage. Alternatively, you can request that another laboratory send the isolates to us. Once the decision to make the bacterin is made, production takes 6 – 7 weeks.