Fall 2009

In our 15th year at Gallant Laboratories

Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. has now been making Autogenous Veterinary Biologics for over 14 years. The business is Canadian and 100% owned by the Gallant family, and continues to offer animal health alternatives, as it has since 1995.

Autogenous Veterinary Biologics are used to assist the Veterinarian in dealing with unique challenges in cases where the pathogenic organisms are not cross-protective or when commercial products are not available.

Gallant also offers diagnostic services, to broaden the understanding of the organisms impacting the herd or flock.

New Image at Gallant

We have been inspired to grow, and with that we are introducing some changes in our visual identity. NOTICE: our new mission statement

"Providing Unique Technology for Animal Health”

Our logo is now well recognized by our clients, but why not offer more? To better colour coordinate we now use teal coloured seals to cap our bottles. We have also created a new company brochure and we will shortly have more changes to our website.

PLUS: Stay tuned for new products and services in 2010.

Gallant has appointed two key positions and would like to extend a warm welcome to the new staff and their strategic vision. Their role will be to enhance the new company vision and support the growth.

General Manager

Kalena Statutiak (BSc, MBA) has been appointed as Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc.‟s new General Manager. She brings an undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry, a Master in Business Administration, as well as many years of management experience in the laboratory and health care field.

Marketing Consultant

Denis Carrier (DVM) has joined our team as a Marketing Consultant. He is a bilingual Veterinarian and has extensive global experience within the industry.

Educating Vet Students

Jackie Gallant, President of Gallant Custom Labs, gave a presentation to a room full of veterinary students at Western College of Veterinary Medicine, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Approximately 120 students attended a lunch presentation that was organized by members of the „Swine Club‟. This club invites outside speakers to enhance and broaden the students knowledge.

The presentation introduced Autogenous Biologics as a "great tool in the Veterinarian‟s tool kit”. It also offered examples of their application through case studies of some common swine problems as Clostridium perfringens and Haemophilus parasuis, among others.

Sponsorship Programs

Gallant Custom Laboratories Anniversary Award

Atlantic Veterinary College

Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. is pleased to work with the AVC‟s Award Committee in selecting the 2009 recipient for the Gallant Custom Laboratories Anniversary Award. This year, the $2,500 award was presented to a worthy candidate who has a strong interest in immunology. Congratulations to:

Ms. Sadie Griffin

Ms Griffin will have completed her first year at AVC and we wish her well in her studies.

Silver Sponsor Annual Meeting 2009

Western Canada Association of Swine Veterinarians

Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. is proud to support the Annual Meeting of the WCASV by becoming a silver sponsor. This year Jackie Gallant (President) and Kalena Statutiak (General Manager) were in attendance at the meeting held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The meeting was well attended and organizers can be congratulated for another excellent programme. The members of WCASV are strong supporters of the veterinary students, offering mentorship and insight into swine medicine.

Coming Up

Please look out for Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. attendance at the American Association of Swine Veterinarians that will be held in Omaha, Nebraska on March 2010.