Fall 2011

Announcement – NEW IN CANADA!!! Swine Influenza (SIV) Autogenous Vaccine Manufacturing at Gallant

Jackie Gallant – President of Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. is thrilled to announce that Gallant has received approval from CFIA for the manufacturing of autogenous SIV vaccines. The lab is ready to receive samples from clinical cases for isolation, purification and subtyping of SIV. An introductory promotion is in place to receive samples for processing and testing at no charge, until the end of 2011. In addition, swabs and viral transport kits are available for sampling. Production of an autogenous SIV vaccine can be initiated using strains isolated from diagnostic cases.

Process to Manufacture an Autogenous Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) Vaccine

  • Isolate and identify SIV in the herd Apply to CFIA for approval
  • Decide on number of doses
  • Begin manufacturing process.
  • Turn-around-time can be 10—12 weeks, but will depend on the size of the order
  • Release for sale


  1. Recommend an oil based adjuvant (60 days withdrawal)
  2. Isolates can be used for 2 years
  3. Vaccine lot expiry is 1 year.


Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) Isolation– What is important?

One of the main challenges in producing autogenous viral vaccines is the adaption of the virus to tissue culture. It is important to isolate the virus using a certified cell line to ensure the integrity of the virus isolated, particularly if the virus will be used to manufacture an autogenous vaccine. All SIV vaccines manufactured at Gallant will be produced using a certified cell line that has been thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no extraneous bacteria or virus to compromise the final vaccine. Wild-type virus from clinical cases may not initially grow well in tissue culture so once we have an isolate, we may have to go through an adaption process. The initial sample will be treated to remove bacteria, fungi and Mycoplasma and then passed several times through tissue culture to purify and adapt it to lab conditions. Gallant offers a PCR test to identify the virus isolated and subtype to H1N1, H3N2 or H1N2 — the common SIV strains in Canada. This testing may take one to two weeks as viral growth in tissue culture may be slow. As usual, all identified virus isolates will be stored at the lab for future use.

Staffing Announcements

Diana Burca has joined Gallant’s diagnostic laboratory and brings a wealth of microbiological experience. She has a strong background in bacterial diagnostic isolation and identification. Welcome Diana!

Student Lunch and Learn

Jackie travelled to Saskatoon and Guelph this fall to give a lunch hour seminar on diagnostic advancements and the option of using an autogenous biologics, to the vet students.

If you would like a seminar session for you and your staff, please call the lab. We can bring lunch.


The lab offers two scholarships each year to a veterinarian doing graduate work at the University of Guelph and a veterinary student at the University of Prince Edward Island.

This year the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, held a ceremony on October 6, 2011. Mr. Jonathan Woodbury was presented with the Gallant scholarship as a result of his deserving performance. Congratulations!

The Ontario Veterinary College award will be presented in March at the annual awards ceremony in Guelph.


Gallant supports the industry through sponsorship and scholarships. In 2011 we supported the OPIC Hog Jog in June (team of 10 enthusiastic runners/walkers), OPIC, Ontario Association of Swine Practitioners, Western Canadian Association Swine Veterinarians, Poultry Industry Council and Global Vets (University of Guelph).

Jackie attended the Western Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians and Ontario Association of Swine Veterinarians conference in October.