Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. is an Autogenous Veterinary Biologics manufacturing facility licensed with the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Autogenous Biologics include vaccines, bacterins and toxoids. Licensed Veterinarians may use them as a customizable tool to target specific pathogenic organisms. Autogenous Biologics are considered an alternative when licensed commercial products are not available or do not cover the current strains in the herd or flock.

Many pathogenic organisms have multiple serotypes which are often not cross-protective. Problem strains can be isolated from sick animals directly from the farm to meet unique challenges. The attending veterinarian will direct the creation of an Autogenous Veterinary Biologic that can include combinations of organisms and serotypes that have been identified in the herd or flock.

Autogenous biologics, in Canada, are considered a prescription product sold through a licensed veterinarian and their use and manufacturing is regulated by the CFIA.  They can only be used on the site of the origin of the bacterial or viral isolate, unless there is justification due to a shared risk between adjacent or non-adjacent facilities.

We produce autogenous Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) vaccines and successfuly isolate virus during routine diagnostic testing.